How is works?

The process of purchasing a Discord nitro subscription is actually a very simple and short process. To purchase your Nitro subscription, please make sure to contact the correct discord address.
Join Our Server

Join our Discord server and create your nitro subscription order.

Discord Nitro Payment
Make Your Payment

Make your payment through the payment channel convenient for you.
(Wise, Payoneer, Crypto Coin)

Discord Gift Nitro
Wait For Delivery

After you pay, wait to receive your subscription. It takes 15 minutes on average.

Discord Subscription Pricing Plans

You can create an order by selecting the Discord Nitro subscription that suits you from the list below. Please make sure to read the FAQ page before ordering.

$ 7.00 / mo
Discord Nitro (Montly)
  • Better Emoji
  • Personal Profile
  • Bigger Uploads
  • 2x Server Boosts
Buy Montly Nitro
$ 27.00 / year
Discord Nitro Classic
  • Better Emoji
  • Personal Profile
  • Bigger Uploads
  • HD Video
Buy 1 Year Nitro
$ 49.00 / mo
Discord Nitro
  • Better Emoji
  • Personal Profile
  • Bigger Uploads
  • 2x Server Boosts
Buy 1 Year Nitro

Discord Nitro Benefits and Features

The features you will benefit from when you become a Discord nitro subscriber are listed below.

Discord Nitro Multiple Profiles
Multiple Profiles

Be who you want and use a different avatar, banner and bio in every one of you servers.

Discord Nitro More Backgrounds
More Backgrounds

Customize and modify video calls with your own video backgrounds.

Discord Nitro Style Your Profile
Style Your Profile

Express yourself with an animated avatar, profile banner and custom tag.

Discord Nitro Special Stickers Access
Special Stickers Access

Utilize custom stickers anyplace and access 300 Nitro-exclusive stickers.

Discord Nitro More Emoji Power
More Emoji Power

Utilize your favorite emoticon anyplace and make them animated.

Discord Nitro Support Your Server
Support Your Server

Get every months 2 Server Boosts and 30% off extra Boosts.

Discord Nitro Rep Your Status
Rep Your Status

Custom profile badge to show off your Nitro status.

Discord Nitro Bigger Uploads
Bigger Uploads

Upload and transfer what you want with increased 100MB upload size.

Discord Nitro HD Video
HD Video

Better HD video resolutions for all your Discord streams.

Discord Nitro Longer Messages
Longer Messages

Say what's on your mind with an increased character count.

Discord Nitro More Servers
More Servers

Double the number of servers you can join up to 200.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to your questions about our Discord nitro subscription service. Please read here before ordering.

Why is nitro subscription so cheap?

Since Discord nitro has local pricing in some countries, the prices are much cheaper in those countries. By taking advantage of this, we provide you with a nitro subscription.

Is my account at risk of being banned?

There is no risk of banning your accounts in any way. All delivered items are legal and have invoice receipt by discord.

Do I need to share my password?

You do not need to share your password for the delivery of your product. We deliver subscriptions without logging into your account.

Why is there no 1-month nitro classic option?

Since the monthly classic nitro subscription does not cover the bank charges, it is not on the sales list.

What payment methods can I use?

You can make your payments via crypto coin,, and western union.

How do I know if it's you I'm talking to on Discord?

To buy nitro on Discord, please check the discord id of the person you are talking to. If discord id is 207282666742087692, you are talking to the right person.